Alex Furman for Congress



Economic Freedom & Welfare Reform

Most Americans believe in separation of Church and State. I take it one step further and argue for the separation of Economy and State.

It's no coincidence that all the most regulated and subsidized industries are also the least affordable industries.

1. Education
2. Medicine
3. Housing

Empowering the state always empowers big business before anyone else because power always goes to the highest bidder, and that ain't you and me.


Criminal Justice Reform

Law Enforcement and Courts can only be as good and noble as the law itself. When we have immoral, unconstitutional, and ineffective laws we get immoral, unconstitutional, and ineffective law enforcement.

Power corrupts. If we want less corrupt police we need to give them less power. This means getting rid of victimless crimes and ending special legal privileges (qualified immunity) currently enjoyed by law enforcement.

Our awful laws put law enforcement in positions they should never be in in the first place. We give them power and then we give them a million reasons to be afraid; this is a recipe for disaster that we as Americans have been served for decades and decades.

The initial steps I will take as your congressman to solve this will be to support Congressman Amash's tri-partisan bill to End Qualified Immunity.


Ending the War on Drugs

No Victim No Crime.

To prosecute a person for a crime without a victim is a crime in and of itself. It is evil, it costs way to much money, it is itself and leads to further erosion of liberty, and it is completely and wholly antithetical to the American way of life.



We marched our troops in; we can march them right out.

War is a racket. The last 3 presidents all deserve to be held accountable for the wars they've fought and continued to fight. We've been sold a bill of fear by the military industrial complex, and in return we've been made less safe. The American people are measurably less secure as a direct result of American Foreign Policy over the last several decades- not to mention trillions of dollars poorer.


Ending The Fed

The Federal Reserve Banking System should be abolished.

It is a government program that steals our money through inflation and hands it to wall street to spend before the money loses its value, leaving the rest of us with the bill of ever increasing prices. This is evil, this is unconstitutional, and this is economically destructive. Without The Fed Wall street would be a hollow shell of what it is now, and that's precisely what they deserve. #makebankerspooragain